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This is a weekly series of our urvi's insights and her perception of the world. They say perception is reality and she lives in her own fantasy world. This allows her to delve into the human element of our lives, helping individuals decipher their own souls, to understand, who they are and what they want, in the journey of life. These are her musings to help you unleash your mind and transform your life to see a little differently.


Belle’s world explores the extremes and goes beyond the surface. Ready to read about some of the “elephants in the room?”

Welcome to the Eve of Disruption  A series depicting what the future fabric of our society could look like and ideas that could propel your company forward. These are our CEO's musings of future trends from her work as an executive / innovation coach.  


There is a changing paradigm in how we live, work and play. Are you and your organization moving with the times and adapting to the massive and rapid changes happening right now?


 The Eve of Disruption looks at ideas that could be 5 – 10 years in the future but most likely will happen in the blink of an eye.

November 11, 2019

Do you think past tomorrow, to the future of you in 1 year, 5 years and beyond?

It's a Sunday morning and many of us like to have that one day off and will spend it with family and friends.  This Sunday morning, I took the time to attend the launch event for Neythri - A Global Community of South Asian Professional Women.  I was blown away and was delighted with the calibre of the keynote speaker, panelists, organizers and attendees! The community they are building and creating feels comfortable, supportive and has a powerful energy.  The stories told, the teachings imparted and the questions as...

October 31, 2019

Have you ever used or been forced to use facial recognition software ?

I am a huge proponent of technology and the ways it can help us in the future. I believe that technology will be immersive in our lives. Technology will make repeat functions in our lives much easier and also enhance other aspects of our lives.  We will get the time to do things we otherwise couldn't because technology will add efficiency in our lives.   HOWEVER, I also believe that as we continue to build technology, we need to think of the implications it has on our culture, our human element, our future lif...

October 23, 2019

Would you pass the Marshmallow Test?

The Marshmallow Test is a 1972 Stanford study conducted around delayed gratification in children.  As adults, many of us want instant gratification for the work and effort we are putting into our lives (work or personal). However, we understand that logically it takes time for the effects of the work we do to be visible to us.   

Let's take a simple example of working out to lose weight.  It's so easy to put on the weight - eat, drink and be merry!  We feel happy and positive in the short run.  As time goes by, clothes start feeling tighter and...

September 26, 2019

Does your ego drive you or does your ego get fed by who and what you are?

Ego, in the general sense of our lives today, is defined as "the self especially as contrasted with another self or the world" or simply put "one's sense of self-worth, whether exaggerated or not."1 (Mirriam Webster Dictionary). 

We mostly see ego as negative and many of us don't want to be seen as egotistical.  However, there is a fine line in defining our own ego to ourselves.  What makes a person egotistical (full of themself) versus having a healthy sense of self worth (maybe we define that as confidence)?  When u...

If you had the chance to clone - would you? why? who?

I heard a story about Barbara Streisand cloning her dead dog into two new dogs.  In our world right now we continue to talk about the fears of technology but we don't see much about the scientific breakthroughs that are happening around us.  On one hand, cloning like any other new technologies is a feat for humans and we are progressing rapidly in becoming god like with the ability to create, control and change things around us.  I am finally glad to be living in the time we are in right now as we get to see advancement happening at an expon...

February 26, 2018

Can you image a day when screens are not the forefront of our lives?

Two years ago, I started Seam Seer on the premise that clothing could enhance the lives of people through the intersection of fashion and technology.  Technology continues to accelerate and change the way we live, work and play.  

As we go into the future, the reliance on screens will diminish as we continue to develop modes of interaction with our senses.  Today, we rely on screens to provide us access to the world of data.  Whether it is simple tasks for communicating or work to applications that give us information...

January 9, 2018

What noise around you is preventing you from moving forward in your journey?

At the end of week of cold weather, in Dallas, I met a friend to catch up on life.  We met at the bar area of a restaurant.  Since it was a Friday night it ended up being much busier than most of the times I've been there.  About an hour in, I realized that it was in fact a very noisy bar.  Not noisy, in the way most people would think.  It was noisy to me because I couldn't hear the conversations of the people around me as I watched them interact with each other.  Some would say I am eavesdropping but its not the actu...

January 2, 2018

DO you live in the Past, Present or Future?

Birthdays and New Years are two times that many people start reflecting on the past or even the future.  All around us, we are told that we need to live in the present (especially with the proliferation of technology) and get back to being in the moment.  Each individual has a baseline time mindset.  However, many people are not aware of what it is. 

Here is a baseline of living in the past, present or future. FYI - time is a human construct and there really is no such time as time in the past or the future.  We as a species decided to m...

August 30, 2017

Do you consider yourself to be emotionally and financially wealthy?

The world is changing around us on a daily basis. We have multi-generations in the workforce (more than 2 and about to be 4), technology evolving at exponential speeds and changing paradigms on our purpose driven lifestyles. One aspect of this is the perception of the impact and importance of pursuing emotional and financial wealth for our journey of life. Are both achievable and how do individuals gain them?

I consider myself emotionally wealthy beyond measure. I have a life family of 32 units in addition to the suppo...

Has a death made you re-evaluate your entire professional career or personal life?

Over the past week, I have read two articles, by successful executives who have dealt with death.  One executive lost a son who was only 18.  He is dealing with the emotional upheaval that he lived longer than his son.  The other executive had a peer who was only 40 suddenly pass away.  These incidents have an impact on our emotional capacity and core.  They make us think about the uncertainty of our own lives, careers and life journey.

The first death that affected me happened in 2012.  I was...

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