Welcome to Belle’s world. Everything in this world is based on a bell curve. Our media concentrates on giving advice to make everyone be a part of the masses.


This is a weekly series of our urvi's insights and her perception of the world. They say perception is reality and she lives in her own fantasy world. This allows her to delve into the human element of our lives, helping individuals decipher their own souls, to understand, who they are and what they want, in the journey of life. These are her musings to help you unleash your mind and transform your life to see a little differently.


Belle’s world explores the extremes and goes beyond the surface. Ready to read about some of the “elephants in the room?”

Welcome to the Eve of Disruption  A series depicting what the future fabric of our society could look like and ideas that could propel your company forward. These are our CEO's musings of future trends from her work as an executive / innovation coach.  


There is a changing paradigm in how we live, work and play. Are you and your organization moving with the times and adapting to the massive and rapid changes happening right now?


 The Eve of Disruption looks at ideas that could be 5 – 10 years in the future but most likely will happen in the blink of an eye.

Have you really thought about, what the transition of the Future of Work (FOW) looks like, in your organization?

In mid 2017, I wrote about the future of work in terms of People and at the macro level as an eco-system.  I wanted people to start thinking about the human element of organizations, up-skilling/retraining employees (I didn't coin that word), millennial mentality affecting the ways of working, deteriorating trust in the workplace, and even the definition of what is "work."  The Future of Work was still an underground topic that many of my network had started talking about in 2010.  I...

How often do you compare yourself to other's success and life journey?​

Over the years, I've done that a lot. It's human nature to compare ourselves to what people decide to show us about their lives. With social media, the proliferation of all the good things are even more visible. However, the truth is that we as a society still don't openly show the downs, the challenges and the struggles that we may all go through as a human being. Which in turn makes most of think we are not normal because most of human society looks like they don't face emotional and mental challenges.


Do you love yourself first?

This is the first time, I will take a media based "holiday" and write something on its theme. I've fought doing that, because to me every day is worth the same, in terms of how I behave and feel. So when we talk about love - I love the people in my life the same everyday and I express it on a constant basis. I don't need Valentine's Day to express it more! However, I didn't want to write about the love I have for others.

I wanted us to think about the love we have for ourselves. We are our biggest supporters and also biggest detractors. We are the ones...

Have you ever thought about the Parlay (Ripple) Effect of giving and receiving or even witnessing this process?

It was a chilly but sunny Sunday morning, when a friend of mine, Manju Ramachandran, had invited me to attend a Neythri event by women's leadership coach, Jo Miller, to help me meet new folks as I continue to settle in Silicon Valley. Ironically, I had taken Jo Miller's leadership classes in 2009, when I lived in San Francisco.  I knew her and was excited to see her speak and meet her after almost 10 years.  As I walked into the venue, I was embraced into a sense of belonging. Af...

Living in Silicon Valley, we get temperate weather all year long compared to a lot of places I've lived in before.  As we get into February, we are still getting some cold nights (around 48 degrees) as winter started late.  This past Thursday I was scheduled to attend a dinner of with a group of South Asian Professional Women, organized by Neythri.   It was a cold evening but I am glad I went!  As soon as I entered the restaurant, I was warm with the heat but also warm in my heart, seeing a group of engaged Asian professional women coming together, for a meal, as if they had been friends...

Originally published on Linkedin.

Have you experienced bias in 2020?

Most people know me as someone, who is very open to different perspectives and many times I have odd perspectives which I can try to explain. I believe that I am someone who can be open to different perspectives if someone can give me reasons or insights to what they are saying.  I pride myself in being someone who is willing to collaborate even in contentious situations.

Without going into too much detail here is how I am dealing with Gender bias in 2020. Today I was berated by a white male lawyer who assumed that I w...

Over my career, I followed technology instead of marketing technology and its opened up a world to me that I couldn't have imagined 20 years ago.  When I first started at Nine West Group 20 years ago, email marketing and building websites was starting to gain enough steam that regulations were being put into place to deal with spam and unsolicited advertising through email.  We spent hours developing beautiful emails that took up a whole page and had lots of content / information and personalization!

Fast forward to today!! "Marketing is coming in smaller and smaller packages. We used to h...

Do you know that CA has passed a law mandating, every public company, in the state, have at least one female director by the end of 2019?  As of the end of the year, 36 CA public companies still don't have a female director.  The fee for failure is $100,000 fine and goes up to $300,000 per woman in 2021 where the law compels CA companies with 5 board members to have at least 2 female directors and at least 3 female directors on boards of 6+ persons.

There is ample opportunity for women to step up to the plate and take on these roles! It is evident and clear that there is also a need t...

Do you truly understand how your devices affect you mentally and emotionally?

Last night I went to a holiday party, without my Apple watch, iPhone, wallet or even house keys.  My partner had the house keys so I had all I needed for the night.  I didn't miss my any of my devices.  I didn't check to see the time, my email or any texts coming in because I didn't have the direct means to do it.  It felt natural and allowed me to engage with the other human beings around me.  I got a chance to be introduced to a new person and we wanted to make sure we connected afterwards.  Usually I connect on Lin...

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